Geraldine Gallagher
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Geraldine Gallagher

Geraldine is a transition coach specialising in Maternity Coaching and Career Coaching. Her passion lies in developing people and supporting individuals through change and challenging times. Geraldine brings with her a wealth of knowledge around leadership effectiveness, talent development, team building, change management, culture and goal achievement. She specializes in working with challenging transitional business environments and, in particular, understanding behavioural change requirements.

From 2010, Geraldine has been working with individuals on a 1:1 basis for both life and career coaching. She has been involved in change programmes within different large multi-national organisations and has also facilitated intensive team learning sessions using Commitment Based Management, which is a change management methodology used in behavioural change programmes around service innovation and new customer propositions. In 2015, Geraldine found herself facing the dual challenge of becoming a new mother who had relocated to an unfamiliar area. From speaking with other new and expectant mothers and having explained her role, she began to utilise her skillset to make an impact by supporting new mothers who were returning to work. She did this by holding group discussions on the perceived challenges relating to returning to work and means by which to progress their career whilst learning to balance their new role as a mother.

From her own life experience, she has a solid understanding of change throughout her career, which spans over 16 years as a Consultant in a wide range of industries ranging from Insurance, Banking, Telecommunications and Utilities. Having worked in different geographical locations including USA , UK, Scotland, the Netherlands and Ireland, she has experienced a range of different cultures.

Geraldine’s first exposure to coaching was in the form of a forty-minute session through her then employer where her motivation went on a scale from “-5” to “+5” signifying being highly motivated. This session allowed her to acknowledge her current positioning, identify her objectives and the steps required to achieve them. Reflecting on the power of that coaching session and the techniques used, she was empowered to investigate becoming a qualified coach and NLP practitioner, which saw her acquire and utilize additional tools and techniques which she now practices with her clients.