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121 Job Transition
Coaching Programmes
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121 Job Transition
Coaching Programmes
This 121 job transition coaching programme is for employees who have or are due to step up into a promotion.
This programme is designed for leaders to support and help them work through both external and internal challenges
they face in their new role. As it is designed for working parents it covers both work life and home life.

A Director of People and Culture experienced job transition coaching and then offered it to her employee stepping into a director role:

We offer different packages based on our clients’ needs. The below table shows the packages available
and what is included in each package. Please note we also offer bespoke packages for clients who may have additional needs.
For senior level employees stepping into a promotion Gold Platinum
15-minute introductory call
On/Off-boarding questionnaire
90-minute coaching session* 3 6
Accountability Action Plans 3 6
Individual Resource Pack
Email support in between coaching sessions 3 6
* Prices starting from €2,895 (ex VAT).

Companies I work with:

Workshops for
working parents
Winning at Work, Harmony at Home for working parents
1-day virtual workshop 10am -13:15pm
Max: 8 participants
The purpose of this workshop is to give working parents the time and space to focus on themselves, clear the clutter, create an action
plan that supports their wellbeing and work life harmony. Improve work life harmony by learning
how to work smarter and not harder. Identify strategies to support you during pressurised times. 
  • Assess and re-design their current work life balance by identifying strategies to achieve improved work-life harmony
  • Identify ways to work smarter not harder
  • Recharge! – Create a wellbeing plan that supports them as a working parent.
  • Identify strategies to help them deal with pressurised times.
Please note these workshops can be run in-house or externally as an open workshop’ Prices starting
from €350 (ex VAT) per person, with discounts available for in-house workshops.

  • If you would like to discuss running this as an in-house workshop for employees simply
  • email or alternatively, if you would like to register your interest in enrolling a staff member(s)
  • in the next open workshop please submit your details and we will be in touch.


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