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Inspire Coaching provides bespoke career coaching packages to individual clients who are at a crossroads in their career and feeling unchallenged or not clear on what direction to take. Inspire Coaching works with the individual to understand what they are looking for and offers a tailored package to suit their needs:

Career Coaching

Professional working people can sometimes get caught up in the rat race or feel unchallenged by their career and find that they aren’t quite sure if what they are doing is going to get them where they want to go.

Career Coaching
Can help you see the woods from the trees and put a plan in place to help achieve your goals.

Career Advancement
 Are you looking for your next challenge? What do you need to focus on today to get you there? Are you on the right ladder? You don’t want to get to the top of it to realize it was leaning up against the wrong wall!

Career Change
Are you bored? Unmotivated? Lacking challenge? Not sure of what your true purpose is? Considering your options is part of the process, however, assessing who you are and where you are now is just as fundamental to the process. There is no point putting a destination into your satnav if it cannot pick up your current location.

Career Roadmap
What does the next 1, 3, 5 years look like for you? Are you on track to achieve your goals? Have you set goals? Are they SMART goals? Do you assess progress against your plan? What are the challenges of the new roles? How can you navigate your career so that you are best equipped for those new roles? Are you holding yourself accountable?

Coaching for Women

As a working mum, I can relate to the challenges of multi-tasking and the responsibilities of a being a mum. We have many roles in life and sometimes we need to step back and really invest the time in ourselves to understand where we are now and where we want to be in the future, whether that is short, medium or long term.
We have many roles in life

Maternity Coaching

Congratulations, you have had a baby or maybe more than one! You are now a mammy and returning to work as a working mum. This is a huge transition and why coaching women back to work after maternity leave is here to support you. You maybe returning to the same role or potentially a different role or different project. How do you view change? Will you be working with a new team of people? What are the logistics? Are you apprehensive about the return to work? What about the baby? Should you go back full-time/part-time? Has the landscape at work changed? How will that impact you? Have you considered what you want in terms of career? If any of these questions resonate with you and stir unpleasant emotions, please do not panic. My role as your coach is to provide you with the space to work through these questions and set you up for success in terms of your return to work and your career.

Stay at home mum returning to work

Have you taken a career break to raise your family? Do you feel ready to get back into the workforce? Are you concerned about getting the right job which aligns with your lifestyle and family? Have you considered what being a working mum would mean to you? Are you looking for part-time, full-time work? Do you want to feel confident in yourself?

All our programmes start with YOU
Show up as the best version of YOU

Interview Confidence Coaching

Do you want to show up as the best version of you at an interview? Does the thought of an interview fill you with self-doubt, worry, anxiety? Perhaps you have had a bad previous experience or no experience at all with interviews? Do not let the past determine your future. Learning specific techniques will allow you to put your best foot forward.

Returning to work

Have you been out of the workplace for a long period of time? Are you lacking confidence? Are you lacking direction in terms of your career? Do you want to get focused and take action? Depending on what your needs are coaching will provide you with a space to explore and gain clarity on what is important to you now in your career.

Career Strategy Call
For women who are feeling stuck, unhappy in your job or lacking confidence to make career decisions:

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Re-boarding/Maternity Returner Call
For women who have recently returned to the workplace following maternity leave or plan to in the near future:

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