For career focused individuals who want to feel less anxious about their demanding job and find the balance to enjoy their life again.


Do you recognise any of these?

Feeling anxious at work
Cannot sleep at night because you are overthinking, playing the events of the day repeatedly and beating yourself up along the way
You have experienced burnout in the past and you DO NOT want to end up there again
Feeling pressure to get the balance with family and work life
Saying yes to social events and family commitments and afterwards regretting having said yes and feel like you cannot change your mind
Being passive and avoiding confrontation at all costs
You don’t feel aligned to the company’s culture
Feel like you make mistakes when you are under pressure to meet deadlines
Comparing yourself to others
Feel like you are on the way to burnout unless something changes
You cannot think straight with all the things you have on your plate
You cannot make a decision as you doubt your ability to make the right decision
You worry about the perception your peers at work have of you
You attend meetings not really knowing what you are doing there
You say yes to work requests even when you are already swamped and under pressure
You feel resentful towards work colleagues as you don’t think they are as dedicated as you

What do I know about anxiety and working hard?

Hi, I am Geraldine Gallagher and prior to becoming a mum and working full time in coaching, I had a dual career and worked primarily for consultancies in different countries and with different organisations to deliver intense and complex programmes.

I loved change and challenge so working in different countries, experiencing different cultures and learning about different businesses as well as meeting new people excited me. As a consultant, involved in many change programmes, we were seen as the experts but the reality was for many people within the organisation that I had to work closely with, I was perceived as a foreign body, one who was invading the norm and upsetting the balance and therefore I was immersed often in an environment of resistance and change!

Due to the exposure in this type of environment, I grew and developed as it was a case of sink or swim. I remember earlier in my career, a colleague telling me that ‘it is never personal, it’s only business’, so I think that served me well, knowing that it wasn’t me personally, it was what I represented, which was change and upheaval.

I recall on several occasions been told that I was a ‘real career woman’, which to be honest made me feel sad at the time, as the truth of the matter was that I didn’t want to be seen as a ‘real career woman’, firstly because I thought you had to either be a career woman or a mum. I didn’t know it was possible to really have both! (I now know you can) and secondly, I was afraid that if it was true, it would mean that I wouldn’t have time or make time for a family and that was something which was important to me.

Back them I associated being a real career woman with drive and ambition, which I was and still am, but also with a singular focus on career, so much so that all my time and energy was associated with work and no play, which on reflection is basically what happened and it was how my world looked.

I felt lost, lonely, stressed, like no one really understood the pressure I was under. I often felt like an imposter in the roles. I remember one day having to attend a meeting and I was sick with nerves, I recall trying to convince myself to just walk out, but I like to see things out and I didn’t want to be seen as ‘weak’ or ‘not able to cope’, I had to prove to myself that I could stick it out and deliver(and so I did).

This was a pattern which I ran for a few years as a ‘real career woman’ bearing in mind I had no family commitments as such, so my time was my own (or so I thought).
  • I typically worked 10-12-hour days
  • I attended all the meetings I was invited too
  • I started my job when everyone else was going home
  • I wanted things perfect, so I held onto things and did them myself rather than delegating
  • I had a work mask on which was exhausting
  • I was firefighting constantly
I felt like I needed to prove myself, I needed to be seen to be the expert, to lead by doing, to show people that you need to work hard to get results. To turn up first and leave last. As a manager, I felt like I couldn’t turn to anyone for help or ask for help, that I just had to get the job done and get on with it. Underneath the surface of that ‘real career woman’ was a woman who was in a state of overwhelm, the truth was:
  • I didn’t value myself
  • I didn’t prioritise myself
  • I didn’t prioritise my workload
  • I wasn’t organised (although I thought I was)
  • I was in firefighting mode and couldn’t manage my time
  • I certainly didn’t look after myself the way I should have
  • I was a busy fool
  • I convinced myself that this was the way it had to be to meet deadlines
  • I was ‘too busy’ to attend social events, so my personal life was put on the shelf
Do I regret any of it? No, as I learnt so much about what not to do! If I hadn’t had that experience, I wouldn’t get it. I know what it feels like to feel out of control, to have no balance, to be in a state of overwhelm. I also know now what you need to do to get out of that place, to have a fulfilling career and work life balance.
At the time of chaos in my career, I felt like we were building a train track and the train was already on the track and was fast approaching towards us. The projects got delivered, but I had to take time off in between contracts to recover. This is not what working life is about. I had no balance. I now know what was missing for me and what YOU need to put in place in YOUR life to overcome overwhelm and have work life balance. This is what was missing for me and this is what I can help you put in place:
  • Boundaries
  • Managing your time
  • Prioritising your workload
  • Being Organised
  • Having support
  • Knowing your values
  • Making informed decisions
  • Putting the right systems in place
  • Working smarter
  • Dealing with anxiety and stress
I have worked on all of these for myself and put them in place. These are fundamental to giving me the work life balance I want, and I know you too will attain work life balance when you have these in place too.

Now, as a working mum, I am proud to be called a ‘real career woman’, for me that means having a career I love and a job I thrive in as it is so rewarding and fulfilling. I face challenges all the time and learn to overcome them (and as we all know the only constant in life is change). I am also a role model for my children, so that they can see that anything is possible, that you can achieve the things you want and that working smarter is the way forward to achieve work life balance.

How I got from disowning the out of control ‘real career woman’ to embracing and owning her.

1. Know what you want and why
After maternity leave, I returned to my job and quickly realised that I had changed, I realised what was important to me and what I wanted in life. Sometimes knowing what you don’t want can point you in the direction of what you do want. For me, doing work that no longer fulfilled me and commuting for almost 3 hours a day was no longer an option. I knew what I wanted and most importantly I knew why I wanted it. Knowing your WHY is as important as knowing what you want.

2. Explore your options and make a decision
I could have tried to get a job closer to home, but I knew the work I had done before in the IT world, no longer sparked anything, if anything it was like throwing water on a smouldering light. My energy was low, I just couldn’t face or fake wanting to do that type of work anymore. Becoming a mum introduced me to the new world of motherhood but also meeting other mums made me realise the challenge working mums face in terms of balancing work and family life. I always wanted to work in the coaching space, making a difference to people’s lives, it was something I was always passionate about, so I decided that I was going to pursue my dream and set up my own coaching business. Now, I know you will not necessarily want to set up a business, but what I am saying is that setting your goals and pursuing your passion is something I want to help you do. I was inspired by a lady who spoke at the Pendulum Summit, Lisa Nichols who spoke about making a goal non-negotiable. Once I committed to my decision, following through on my decision was non-negotiable, hence Inspire Coaching was born – empowering women in the workplace

3. Have a plan
Some people LOVE plans however if you are like me, you prefer to get into action mode and get doing. So, you could end up having your ladder up against the wrong wall! So, it is important to understand your starting point, get clear on your destination and identify the steps along the way.
  • Step 1: Identify where you are now, resources/skills, knowledge, contacts
  • Step 2: Identify where you want to go, the outcome – what will you see, hear, feel when you get there
  • Step 3: If you were halfway there, what would you have achieved, what would be in place? What would it look like? What are the steps you would take to get there?
  • Step 4: If you were almost there, what would that look like? What would you have achieved? What would be in place? What are the steps you would take to get there?
  • Finally, standing back and looking at the full picture of what you have planned,
  • Step 5: Identify the next steps to getting you to the halfway place
What I love most about this model is that it gives you clarity on next steps as often if we don’t know what the next steps are, we are stuck, and it can be very frustrating. And if we stay stuck long enough, we can lose all motivation and drive.
4. Be open to change
Plans are great to have, and they keep you focused in the right direction, but like anything in life, things happen, and plans go out the window, so you need a new plan or a revised plan. Being open to change and opportunity is key. I started my business with one direction in mind and on the plan. Because of being open to change, I have been able to flex and change as and when the right opportunities present themselves. It also allows me to be creative and to see more opportunities.

5. Know your value
I had spent 16 years in the corporate world and had a dual career coaching since qualifying in 2009 and a lot of my ‘corporate life’ had been spent in the IT sector, where change was always happening. Initially I struggled to identify my transferable skills, however once I reviewed my achievements and was able to extract my skills, it was easy to see how the skills I had developed in the corporate world transfer and align into my coaching practice. I understand the challenges of the corporate world and how you can get consumed by it all if you don’t take stock. It is important to note that you need to view your career as your full package that you are offering, even if you are transferring into a different career, you are still bringing all your knowledge and skillset to the table. Remember, if you don’t value you, no one else will. From working on understanding my own skills, strengths and value I have developed specific tools and techniques to enable you to identify and know your value.

6. Know your limitations
What I love doing and know that I am good at is coaching and supporting people through change. I quickly learnt that there was a whole lot of roles and responsibilities as a ‘business owner’ that I wasn’t an expert in, however I also knew that I was a quick learner and enjoy learning so I identified the areas where there were gaps and found courses, advisors and a business coach to support me.

7. Take action
“A plan without action is not a plan, it’s a speech”

We have heard the phrase all talk and no action, if you don’t take action, nothing will change. You will remain the way you are, doing the things you always do and probably getting the same results. Declaring what you are going to do and having someone who will hold you accountable is key to success. It is too easy to let yourself off the hook. I know this myself and why I invest in having a business coach to hold me accountable.


I want to help professionals who are feeling overwhelmed because of their demanding jobs, to gain perspective, to put the right structures in place, to take back control and to attain the balance they want in their lives.

I want you to show up at work in a way that is aligned to your values. To have the voice you want and bring your value to the table. I want you to be successful and to feel fulfilled in your career and have the work life balance you deserve. This is what I want for you, the question is do you want:
Life to be easy, well at least easier
To have time for you, for your family and friends
To feel valued by receiving recognition and reward for your contribution and efforts
To value yourself and know that you have done the best you can
To be comfortable with uncertainty, whether that is a promotion or a new role that is being developed or change in the workplace
Reframe your thinking
Be more assertive
Be known as an expert
Sleep better
Say no and prioritise yourself
Be confident in your decision making
Be confident in meetings and voice your opinion
Work smarter not harder
The ‘From Overwhelm to Work Life Balance’ programme will focus on your specific agenda and pain points and guide you through the process so that you achieve your outcome. It is designed to help you identify and build strategies to:
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Work Smarter
  • Attain Balance

What is required to get the results you want?

  • Your commitment to the process
  • Your commitment to taking action
  • Your investment of time and money in YOU!

What is involved

1. An initial complimentary 30-minute call where we assess if we are a good fit to work together.
- This is a fundamental part of the process.

2. Pre-assessment questionnaire
- This is to capture a view of where you currently are, the challenges you face and the outcomes you are looking to achieve.

3. 4 * One-hour coaching sessions via video conference
- During our session, I will listen to you, ask questions and challenge you (in a good way) in order to help move you forward. This safe space allows you to ‘think out loud’ and gives you clarity of thought. We will focus on your agenda and current challenges that you face in achieving your goals and explore ways to overcome them. We will also review your action plan and ensure that you are staying on track.

- These sessions can take place either once a month or every two weeks, depending on your needs.

4. 4 * Action plans

 - Following our coaching sessions, I will send you an action plan of what was agreed during our session which will help you move forward. Remember taking action is key to your success and is your responsibility!

5. Resource pack specifically tailored to your needs 

- A tailor-made resource pack where I share tools with you to deepen your awareness and learning.


The programme is tailored to your needs, so takes into account your current situation and exactly what you want to achieve.

Some areas we may focus on are:
  • Gaining clarity on your career
  • Understanding your values and making informed decisions
  • Building Confidence
  • Setting boundaries
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Becoming more assertive


Before signing up to the ‘From overwhelm to work life balance’ programme, it is important for you to find out if this is the right program for you and if we are a good fit to work together, therefore I like to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with you.

This ensures that you get a feel for how I work and get to ask me all the questions you have. I hear more about your situation and what you are looking to achieve and advise how I can help you.

If you feel this is exactly what you are looking for and we have agreed that we are a good fit, then I would be delighted to start working with you and supporting, you through the programme to attain the work life balance you desire.

Spaces are limited in April to 6 spaces, to avoid disappointment, book your 30-minute complimentary call now.
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