What are you NOT doing that you wish you were?

In your career or life, what are you NOT doing that you wish you were? Let me ask you in another way, what results are you currently getting that you wish you weren’t (this can be a hard pill to swallow). The reason I say this is because too often we can fall into victim role which means that we feel in a helpless state and therefore we are unable to help ourselves or do anything about the circumstances so we remain stuck or stagnant in the situation or circumstances.

We all have huge knowledge and experience in different areas of our life, we know what we should be doing, but a lot of the time there is a difference in what we know and what we actually do.
Consider Procrastination, Indecision and Overthinking

Where do these habits live?

In the mind.

Where do the results of these habits appear?

In your life.

  • If you are in a career where you don’t see a future for you that will make you happy
  • If you are in a job that drains your energy and you feel like a round peg in a square hole
  • If you are looking for a new job and getting nowhere
  • If there is an opportunity that you would like to go for but don’t feel good enough

then you may be running one or all of these habits.

Procrastination -This is the thief of time. Time is precious and we only have the present moment, why wait another day, another week or another year in a situation where you know you don’t want to be. It is your time, so don’t waste it. Be courageous, put a plan in place and start taking action, even if it is small steps, it is steps in the right direction.

Indecision – There is nothing more expensive that a missed opportunity. Not making a decision is in fact making a decision not to decide. If you want something, decide that is what you want and commit to it, if you don’t want something, decide that is what you don’t want and commit to that. By commit, I mean then take action. Sitting on the fence merely allows the opportunity to pass and drains you of emotional and mental energy and also gives you ammunition to beat yourself up in the future.

Overthinking– You are only creating problems that are not there, which doesn’t add any value. Absolutely consider the consequences, however don’t let your mind overtake your gut instinct of what you know you need to do. You cannot control everything, so let it go.

Remember you always have a choice, you can choose to stay stuck or take action.

If you make a decision, that you want different results in your career and you want to work with me as your career coach, to guide you, support, challenge and hold you accountable on your journey, then drop me an email info@inspirecoaching.ie and we can arrange an initial call.


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